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Our clinic uses a secure messaging and video service called Medeo, which allows us to securely communicate with patients.

Medeo is free for patients.  To sign up for a free Medeo account, click here.

Please make sure that the email address you use to sign up is the same one we have on file for you.

If you would like to check or add your email address to your chart, please call the office.

Each individual patient requires his or her own Medeo account.  Email addresses cannot be shared.

For video consultations, you can use a computer with a webcam, or a phone or tablet with a camera.

If you are using a phone or tablet, please download the Medeo app from your app store.

Once a video consult has been booked, you will receive an email with the appointment information. Please login to the system 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to be added to our "Virtual Waiting Room".

 If your doctor decides to send you a secure message or document you will receive an email notification in your inbox indicating that a secure message has been sent by our office. To retrieve it you will need to login to your Medeo account.  You can check your Medeo portal from your computer or from your mobile device. E-Messaging can be used for non-urgent matters, including relaying appointment information and test results. Messages can only be initiated by our office to the patient. Patients will be able to respond to the message only if requested by their doctor or our staff.

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